The goal of Legacy Real Estate is to manage your investment property while building its value, assuring a mutually profitable outcome for owner, renter and ourselves. Since we know that ultimately vacancies are the biggest hindrance to a property’s profitability, we work hard at both recruitment and retention. Our tenant screening process allows us to have better success when we choose who will rent your property. After all, we both desire a tenant who will pay on time and respect your property!

Market Research and Advertising

Legacy Real Estate works with you to find your target tenant and find the best ways to reach them. Once we’ve determined the best rental rate for your location, we photograph the property and build a personalized description to display online. We reach renters through our own website and through other online marketing channels as well.

Maintenance and Customer Service

We want to protect your investment and please your tenants so they choose to rent with you for the long term. Legacy Real Estate works with only the best maintenance personnel—the contractors we choose know how to do their job right. When your tenants need repairs, we respond quickly and take care of finding effective, yet low-cost, solutions—saving you money!